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The first mistake committed by most entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs often decide the name of their businesses first but forget to consider if this name will be effective in the long run. Over the years I’ve found that contributing less time and consideration to naming, often results in a misleading or ineffective choice that your ideal customers may fail to remember.

It is essential to understand that the brand and name of your business is not simply needed to announce your presence to the customer. But it must be powerful enough to insight all their senses. Your name should give your customers an imagine of what they may experience, visualizations of vibrant colors and most importantly build a story or a character that clearly depicts your product or service. Your name MUST stand out in the crowd. There are thousands of competitors in the market, and just like dating, customers are attracted to the ones which are effective in fetching their attention to meet their needs.

So, as the owner of the next big thing, you need to have a more thoughtful approach while naming a business. The name should be such that easily remains in the minds of your customers even years after their first encounter. You are courting their business after all, be sure that your name will impress. How can I do this, you ask?

  •  The best way to achieve this is to keep your name very simple instead of using new, bombastic or ambiguous words. Simple words with one or two syllables can be easily pronounced and remembered by everyone. It will also easily convey the intended meaning. Simplicity will create a good initial impression.
  •  NEXT; The name must convey a story or create interest in the minds of the customer. If a simple descriptive name is used, it can help the customers in their buying decision instead of needing clarification every time a person hears it. An effective name will start a conversation because of its popularity among the customers. Thus all these factors will help in the establishment of your brand. Your name should be a timeless classic that will live for years instead of losing its significance in a smaller duration. This will ultimately lead to brand visibility and the growth of your business.
  •  LASTLY; Consider the opinions of your targets. Share the name of your business frequently and proudly; to announce your arrival to market. Note down the reactions received, facial expressions, tones and consider critical adjustments that will further elicit the desired positive responses or buying behaviors. This experience will be quite helpful in helping you take the right direction.

Just like your parents were quite thoughtful in naming you, you should do the same with YOUR BUSINESS while naming it!

Best of Luck!