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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

The approach of the new year is the perfect time for small business owners and entrepreneurs to set resolutions that will grow their businesses. As you reflect on the successes of the last few months, we encourage all to look forward to a year full of growth, prosperity and success with the following resolutions at the heart of your business!




Work Smarter, not Harder

The advice to work hard is no surprise for those drawn to ever-changing world of entrepreneurship. However, in order to truly plan a year full of success it is key to work smarter. This can be done through proper time management, sufficient coordination with your team and delegating duties to employees as needed. Once you find yourself working smarter, we are sure you’ll find yourself managing your daily tasks in an efficient manner! And being entrepreneurs, we know the importance of efficiency!


Learn Something New

The thirst for knowledge is innate in all entrepreneurs therefore it’s necessary to commit to learn and experience new hobbies. Humans follow a very specific habit loop so it is key that this process of learning is cyclic. Learning something new will not only improve your brain power, but may also lead to meeting new people and present networking opportunities.




Set SMART Goals

The SMART method is a simplistic way to efficiently set and achieve goals. SMART is the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. If your business goals are aligned with this method, we are confident that the upcoming twelve months will be a period of prosperity for your company!


As the year comes to a close, we hope you take the time to evaluate the many opportunities that the new year can bring. Cheers to a happy and successful new year from your friends at Biz Virtuoso Consulting Group!

5 Tips for a Holiday Marketing Campaign


The Keys to a Successful Holiday Marketing Plan


November is here, and businesses have tucked away the Halloween decorations in exchange for the winter holiday season. With the holiday season on the mind of consumers, now is the ideal time to leverage the seasonal joy and implement a strong marketing holiday campaign.

The holidays are a busy time of year, and consumers will surely seek out the products and services that efficiently serve their needs. The key to a successful campaign is to create a strategy that is uniquely consumer focused and different from competitors. With these following steps, your holiday marketing campaign will begin on a successful note:


Holiday marketing
Holiday marketing tips


Produce Seasonal Offerings

Everyone loves a great deal, especially during the holidays. Produce seasonal offerings and deals that will entice consumers to learn more about your company. With ideas such as free shipping or discounts, consumers will not only gain awareness of your company, but may also continue following your company for more deals and offerings.


Speak to Consumer’s Emotions

As marketers, we often think that decision-making is rooted in rational thinking, but appealing to the emotional aspects of consumers will set your company apart. A campaign focused on gratitude, community and friendship will personalize your campaign and position your company as a meaningful brand.



Holiday marketing



Deck Out Social Media Platforms

It is no secret that a social media strategy is crucial to marketing as consumers spend a great deal of time perusing various platforms. Ensure that your campaign has cross-platform attributes, but also cater to each platform and target consumers in innovative ways. Hootsuite is a great tool for managing a social media campaign!


Enlist Help from Staff

A great campaign impacts not only consumers, but also the core stakeholders of your company, your employees. Boosting holiday morale among consumers and employees alike will have an unprecedented positive effect on your campaign. Some companies choose to highlight their employees in holiday campaigns, while others directly involve their employees in the strategic process. Whichever way you choose to target your employees, make sure they are in the holiday mix!



Give Back

Philanthropy makes others feel great, and that feeling of doing good is particularly evident during the holidays. After all, the holidays are caring and sharing! Whether it’s in the form of charity or building a philanthropic aspect into your holiday campaign, consumers will be sure to appreciate the communal aspect of your campaign!


Following these steps and building them into your holiday marketing strategy will plant the seeds for a campaign that will spread cheer for your company and consumers alike! How do you plan to evaluate your brand this season? Be sure to contact us for more tips!