Wanda E. Flowers, Esq

Co-founder Wanda Flowers has over 30 years of experience in organizational strategy, management development, human resources strategy, and labor and employment law.  She brings these areas of expertise and effective leadership skills to oversee the Human Resources and Labor & Employment Consulting Division at Biz Virtuoso.

Wanda served as Assistant General Counsel for Sunoco, Inc., where she was responsible for federal, state and local labor and employment law compliance. She also worked with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Philadelphia for 17 years, including five years as Regional Attorney. Wanda received her Juris Doctorate of Law from UCLA, and holds a Master’s degree in English.

Cynthia G. Peacock, MBA

Cynthia Peacock, oversees Biz Virtuoso client services and operations. Ms. Peacock brings over a decade of strategy, branding and management consulting experience for a wide range of industries. Prior to launching Biz Virtuoso, Ms. Peacock advised clients in the financial services and nonprofit sectors on process development and improvement strategies.

Her management consulting experience and formal education helped form the groundwork for the development of The Virtuoso Model™. Along with her team of “Virtuosos,” Ms. Peacock grew this business development and strategy model so it could be implemented effectively with small, medium and large businesses, nonprofit organizations and institutions.

Passionate and committed to making consulting services and expert guidance accessible to the firms of our future, Ms. Peacock has focused Biz Virtuoso’s consulting process on building more successful and sustainable small to medium sized businesses throughout the New York, New Jersey and Washington DC metropolitan areas.