Congratulations on launching your new business!

Develop Your Business Strategy or Refining Your Concept

A critical step most entrepreneurs skip is developing a unique business strategy to help make the launch process easier.  Biz Virtuoso specializes in guiding our clients through a comprehensive process that results in a clear and effective business strategies that reflects the owners vision and goals for their company.
Beginning with a comprehensive data collection and strategy discussion, we walk through your concept or business history, business targets and budgets to define the ideal next steps.  Throughout the strategy creation or concept refinement process, we assist you in identifying and analyzing key obstacles you have encountered and issues that are blocking success. This process includes but it not limited to: owner and staff interview, comprehensive market research, competitive analysis, pricing and profit margin assessments and analyzing your target customer/client base.

Development of Details Strategic Launch Action Plan

The end product of our comprehensive strategy an concept development phase of service is the creation of a comprehensive strategic and marketing plan, including short and long-term financial models, suggested organizational structure, marketing investments and staffing targets necessary to meeting your goals.

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